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Just for today, I will…
Not be angry,
Not worry,
Be grateful,
Do my work honestly,
Be kind to every living thing.

– Reiki Principles

Hand Massage (Reflexology)

Hand Massage

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the hand can be used to diagnose diseases because pathological information is reflected on the hand. This method can also be used to prevent and treat disease, improve life quality, and maintain health by applying various types of stimulation to specific areas of the hand. This is not a fantasy. The hand as a part of the body lies in a common environment with other structures and has a close relationship with the body's internal organs. Hand therapy is simple and easy to practice and safe and reliable for obtaining good therapeutic effects for a wide variety of diseases.

The applications of Hand Reflexology range from relaxation and stress reduction, through improved circulation and nerve supply, to the treating of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. Once correctly mastered, Hand Reflexology becomes a powerful form of therapy that readily and easily combines with other natural therapies, either as an adjunct or as the primary modality. Its scope and range of uses are limitless, bound only by our current understanding and interpretations.

You may also consider our Reflexology Training Courses, so that you may experience, learn and share the healing benefits for yourself and with others.

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”He who hurries cannot walk with dignity.“ –Chinese Proverb