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Just for today, I will…
Not be angry,
Not worry,
Be grateful,
Do my work honestly,
Be kind to every living thing.

– Reiki Principles

Foot Massage (Reflexology)

Foot Massage

Foot Reflexology quite simply refers to the reflexes that have been mapped out in the foot. There are many different foot reflexology charts that show where the reflexes are for every part of the body. Reflexology is different than massage. It is thought that reflexology works through nerve endings whereas massage is applied to the muscles and soft tissue of the body. The actual technique is quite unique as it is meant to affect the reflex and not just the surface of the skin. A treatment should not be painful, though there may be uncomfortable or tender areas if your body is highly stressed. The more one applies pressure to those areas, the less tender they will become.

Reflexology is not a ’modern‘ alternative therapy. There is some dispute where and when exactly it was 'discovered'. The Chinese used a form of foot massage 5000 years ago and developed it alongside acupuncture; American Indians practised a form of Reflexology for hundreds of years. They were aware of the exchange of energy from the earth through the feet and how important it is that there are no blockages in the feet to hinder the movement of energy. Other evidence suggests that its origins go back as far as 2300 BC. An Egyptian mural in the tomb of a famous physician depicts what appears to be Reflexology treatment being performed on hands and feet.

Some of the recognized benefits from receiving a reflexology treatment include increased circulation, relaxation, and release of tensions. Other benefits (for which empirical proof may not yet exist) discovered through our own use of this ancient tool include clearing of emotional debris, detoxification of organs, rejuvenation of tired tissues and cells, balancing of the auric field, grounding, and greater facilitation of any other energy method used.

  • Lymph—Since the lymphatic system removes toxic or malignant products and includes the immune system, it is assumed that reflexology enhances its function and restores proper chemical balance in the body.
  • Electrical Potential—It is believed that a difference in electrical potential in various parts of the body constitutes a corresponding malfunction in another part of the body. Reflexology remedies this difference.
  • Qi (or Chi) Energy—It is believed that foot reflexology works in the same way as acupuncture and shiatsu: by bringing balance to the flow of energy along the body's meridians.

You may also consider our Reflexology Training Courses, so that you may experience, learn and share the healing benefits for yourself and with others.

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”If you are patient in a moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.“ –Chinese Proverb